How can you use transformations to graph this function? y=3.7^{-x}+2 Explain your steps

Accepted Solution

Answer:Steps are explained in the explanation part and graph is attached below.Step-by-step explanation:We have to graph the function [tex]y=3.7^{-x}+2[/tex] using the rule for transformation.Let us suppose the parent function is [tex]y=3.7^x[/tex]. Below, is the graph of the parent function (fig 1)When we add some constant 'c' in the function then the graph of the parent function shifts upward by 'c' units.Hence, when we add 2 then the parent function will get shifted upward by 2 units. The graph of Β [tex]y=3.7^{x}+2[/tex] is attached below (fig 2)Finally, x is replaced by -x hence the graph is reflected about y axis.In figure 3 the graph of the given function is shown.