Find an nth degree polynomial function calculator n=4 -1,3,2+4i are zeros

Accepted Solution

Step-by-step explanation:By the fundamental theorem of algebra, the degree of the polynomial equals the number of roots (including complex and multiplicities, i.e. multiple roots).Since n=4, we expect to find 4 roots, although we are only given three, namely -1,3,2+4i.Fortunately, if the polynomial has real coefficients (which we will ASSUME), for any complex root to exist, its conjugate is also a root to the equation.Since the conjugate of 2+4i is 2-4i, we now have all four roots, -1, 3, 2+4i, 2-4i.An n-degree polynomial may be construct by the product of (x-ri) where ri are the roots.  This meansP(x) = (x-(-1))(x-3)(x-2-4i)(x-2+4i), which isP(x) = (x+1)(x-3)(x-2-4i)(x-2+4i)When expanded, P(x) = x^4-6x^3+25x^2-28x-60Check: sum of roots = (-1+3+2+4i+2-4i) = 6  (same as negative of coefficient of term x^3)  okproduct of roots = (-1)(3)(2+4i)(2-4i)=-3*20 = -60  = constant term,  ok.Note: kP(x) is also a polynomial with the same four roots, where k=any real number.  P(x) is a particular case where k=1.